PinkNews Video

Back in July 2018, I worked with PinkNews to record and edit interviews with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and LGBT+ author Amy Lame 

The experience was a great chance to not only explore and get to learn more about the LGBT+ community and engage with Pride in London, but also allowed me ample editing and videography practice to add to my resume. During this project, I worked alongside PinkNews' Video Editor to a detailed brief on what they wanted captured and edited the final project within 2 hours after shooting via Adobe Premiere Pro. 

The video has amassed nearly 2,000 likes on Instagram. 

Bromsgrove Labour Party Campaign: Harrison Rone-Clarke for Rock Hill

In 2019, I assisted the Bromsgrove branch of the Labour Party in creating short, mobile-shot pieces for their district council candidates, specifically Harrison Rone-Clarke. During the campaign I created roughly 3-4 videos throughout, as well as providing guidance and some training to Harrison for him to do his own pieces during canvassing moments. The footage was captured on an iPhone X, a prime part of my mobile journalism/videography kit and was edited in Premiere Pro and After-Effects for some quick motion graphics at the beginning.