Trans Man On A Mission

Trans YouTuber Alex Bertie talks about their latest book and the effect it’s having for so many.

Focusing a lot of his content surrounding his life and the tracking of his transition the last couple of years, Alex Bertie, a 22-year-old trans YouTuber discusses his new book Trans Missions: A Quest for a Beard.

Alex Bertie on the cover of his book, Trans Mission: My Quest for a Beard

In an interview with Alex, he told me that he was inspired by the idea that he “wasn’t able to put down his story from start to finish”

“I’m a transgender guy who makes videos to document my transition – going through the social side of my transition, coming out to my family, stuff like that”

He spoke further about how he wrote the book in a way to help people, as he says in his own words “when I first came out, I couldn’t find this kind of information for going through transitioning”

I spoke to him as well about his growing influence on YouTube within the trans community. Massing a 300,000 subscriber count, Alex had some words as well regarding why he originally set out on this journey with his transition through YouTube. When asked, he stated that he “didn’t set out to become this (influence); I was just making videos to make a community and for myself, but I’m in that position now where I can give advice".

Speaking further about the importance of the book, Alex spoke a lot about his relationship with his parents during his transition, talking a lot about how they first reacted, but now they’re understanding and supportive of him.

He also gave some encouraging words to those going through their own experiences with their gender, saying that it was important to“reach out and keep your friends close – Try to be as honest as you can with your family and your friends. Find that one person you can talk to. Especially when it comes to coming out to your parents, give it time”

On Friday, the book was launched officially at the YouTube Space in London – with many supporters and fellow creators showing up to the author’s Question and Answer panel, hosted by Jake Edwards, Alex’s boyfriend and fellow YouTube creator.

Alex Bertie and Jake Edwards talking at Alex's book launch in London

During the QnA panel, Jake spoke a lot about the strains personally during the writing process, stating that he and Alex “probably saw each other maybe once or twice every 2 weeks, and I had to go along with him to a lot of things”

There was also a lot questions about the writing process, with one person asking how did he go about writing the book, and was it similar to making a video. In response, Alex stated that the book was “much like a video, but in more of a chronological fashion”.

The book is out now and available for purchase

If you’d like to check out the book for yourselves, copies can be found in a local Waterstones near you, or check it out online at:

Amazon (