A Weekend at Loton Hillclimb Park

The final race of the National Hillclimb Championship 2017 drew to a close this weekend at Loton Hillclimb Park, with the race bringing hillclimb racers and spectators from across the U.K.

Racers gathered in the lower paddock to work on their vehicles this Friday prior to the practice run the following Saturday to demonstrate their horse power for the climb ahead. Early spectators, young and old, were exhilarated for the race to come, with names such as former N.H.C winner Alex Summers sat in the wing watching new and old racers take their positions.

Laura Wardle Porsche 911 Carrera in the Modified Series Production Cars Over 2000cc

The first proper day commenced early, given the necessity to test the freshly laid track and for drivers to test the stress relief of their engines and tires. Saturday kicked off with a relatively slow start up, with the first car divisions from the 1990's editions lining up ready to set off for their first test run of the day, followed up by the Modified Series Production Cars over 2000cc, with drivers such as Laura Wardle and Richard Davenall.

Following a successful run, the 2nd lineup consisted of Ex-Formula 1 cars, taking you back to an earlier era of racing, renovated to contend with even the most up-to-date forms of automobile as part of the Formula Ford Racing Cars up to 1600cc (manufactured prior to 1994) Within the lineup there was a brilliant momentum to the start, with the first accident of the day taking place between the first heavy incline between the marshal posts 3 and 4, leaving a mark that may not want to be remembered in Loton's history, as well as a nice scratch and dents to the car as well.

Nicola Dearden in Van Diemen RF91 1600cc

Other run such as the Modified Series Production Cars up to 1400cc, saw similar results, leading up to a pretty successful first day of runs.

Into the Sunday, the official runs of the day kicked off at 10 am, with the ex-Formula Ford racers lining up for the last official run of the season until Prescott next weekend. Upon spectating, there were runs hitting between the 39-40 marks, with the maximum of the early morning runs hitting a near 45 seconds. Following the lunch break, the Modified Series run began, leading way to some good scores within the low 40's and a singular high of 49 marked.

With this season now finally closed, Prescott is the next starting line most racers are thinking bout, ready and hungering for new records ahead of them.

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