Primark Homeware Haul + Product Review

2 Copper Potted Succulents

Recently, I went out to take a look at some homeware options for my room, inspecting everything from lovely little ornaments to new curtains etc.

I eventually found myself in Primark in my hometown, and stumbled upon a few items that I found to be very aesthetically pleasing and affordable to make any student room look better on the eyes.

For starters, plants can always bring a sight of colour and unique scents to a room, and each plant is unique in some way giving you individualists some one-and-only flavour in your decor choices. But, real plants require some mid-high level maintenance which most people won't have time for. To combat this, try to go for some artificial or low-maintenance plants like the Copper Potted Plants above. Primark offers them for around £3 each, both artificial and real, and require little to no maintenance. They fit with practically most rooms, offering a sub-monochromatic look and texture to desks.

Madagascan Vanilla Scented Candle

However, what about some scents?

Madagascan Vanilla is a pretty lovely scent for any room, giving it a fresh South-East African welcome to your room when you enter, or a nice aroma for when you're about to leave to give you something to remember home by. Primark has a lovely and varied selection of candles, majority going for £2 a pop, affordable and easy to replace once used - Lasting at most for 30-40 hours at most.

To finish off your room, I'd recommend adding a throw to make your bed comfy and soft, as well as temperature smart for those cold winter months. Throws at Primark can vary in price, but most go for around £4-6 depending when and where you look. Add in a duvet set that matches as well, to give your room some added colour and comfort.

If you want to check out some more Primark Homeware, they have many options to choose from on their website:

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