I'm Intertwined With That Replay Button

On November 18th Dodie Clark, known to her fan base as doddleoddle on YouTube and social media, released her first EP "Intertwined"

Beginning YouTube in 2011, Dodie started her channel with the release of original songs, played simply on her ukelele and other instruments along the way, bringing about a massive gathering of fans. As of this article, the UK YouTuber and musician has amassed a gathering of roughly 749,000+ subscribers, and around 74,798,844 views from her content. It is no surprise, considering a lot of her content is so freaking adorable!

With her bubbly and quriky personality, matched by a plethora of adorableness, there are no doubts as to why Dodie's EP is a massive success amongst her fan base, and even bringing in more fans to her music from many corners of the YouTube community here in the UK and abroad!. Her EP on Spotify currently sits just below 2 million listens, which for a independent artist like Dodie.. Well, look at her she's quirky and adorable! Quirkdorabe!

If you'd like to listen to her EP, simply check it out on Dodie's twitter below, also don't forget to #intertwinedEP @doddleoddle and tell her I sent you! You can also listen to her Soundcloud by following the embedded link below, and checking one of her EP's songs, 'Sick of Losing Soultmates'