DLC - Downloadable Life Concerns: Fallout 4 Edition

Rest in peace my social life and grades.

March 22nd. A day I have begun to rue for the amount of time I have poured into the Award winning game by Bethesda Studios, Fallout 4's newest DLC, Automatron. Released on March 22nd, the DLC features a new storyline in which the Lone Wanderer or Sole Survivor, whatever you wish to refer to the protagonist of the newest venture of the Fallout series, is faced with a new enemy, The Mechanist.

Let's start with the trailer before we explore the content that could possibly destroy my university grades. First looks and expectations of the trailer already points to the adored comic-booked style that is featured within the Fallout Universe, especially within Fallout 4. The story is eneveloped greatly, subtle hints and exposure of the plotline, without hinting too much. We get the main antagonist - The Mechanist, we get the new features of robotic creations, abominations and adorations you can share with your friends. The trailer overall works, it does it's job, and it gets fans excited for the new story.+ 

The gameplay has become loved by all who have played Fallout 4, myself included. Personally, the gameplay was a lovely adition, it wasn't too much but it added more adventure, and also robotic development to what used to be static robotics - You couldn't customize robots which in a game which featurs sci-fi neo-apocolyptically regressive society as Fallout 4 does, it's nice to finally be able to be a Mad Scientist of Robotics and unleash a mass horde of robots - Or have robots as my personal guards. A popular Youtuber who I would recommend if you want a mad gamer perspective is definetely H20Delirious who has played the Fallout 4 storyline, and has finished the Automatron storyline as well, so it's a good option if you want to see the storyline but don't know if you'd like the DLC.