Love "Trumps" Hate

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People suggest Hate is strong word to use - Yet it's one we hear a lot of in the media and in society on a regular basis. There's multiple forms of hate - verbal, physical and mental: Thy self can hate more than others, and others can hate just as bad. As species, we're social and we crave social activity - So the biggest question most people ask is why do we hate? Do we hate because, it gives us something of a purpose? Why do we hate others based on their differences?

(Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Political Action)

Over in America, the Presidential campaign has become a hot bed of hatreds of all kinds- From Islamaphobia, to Homophobia and Racial attacks, both verbally and physically, there is a strong propriator of hatred coming from the Presidential Candidate: Donald Trump and his supporters. Trump has made several denials of being the spur in the horse for the "cause" of racial hatred at his rallies and from his speeches,, however there's too many controversial and significant points in his campaign where he has contridicted his own statements, and has never taken the necessary responsibility for the behaviour of his supporters, or himself.

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Trump's popularity stems from the racial hatred for minorities due to the rise in the current years of White Supremacy and anti-immigration groups in the region, as well as a stem of historical hatred dating back since the American Civil War. It is estimated there is 930 white supremacy or white nationalist groups within the US, up from the current 602 hate groups that were present in 2000, but the biggest growth has been in "patriot" and "militia" groups from the 194 in 2000, which then reduced to 149 by 2008 - Until the election of President Barrack Obama when the number was estimated to have surged to around 1000 or more by last year.

(Source Article: The current state of white supremacist groups in the U.S.

What does the surge in white supremacy groups have to do with Donald Trump? While it is only speculation, it is a popular theory that due to Trump's statements in the Presidential campaign, he has brought about a re-surge in fighting and physical abuse against minorities - His rhetoric on stage during debates, his deniability of responsibility for his supporters behaviour and his own uncaring resolve have become a back-bone for white supremacists groups across the country. It's from this spotlight that Trump has created a divide between the people of America, and it from this unacceptance of responsibility attitude of his that has given hate groups new wind.

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