A Journalists Heart and Soul

"for me it is a stepping stone in a single river - You step on one story only to find a hundred others"

For me, as a budding journalist, I always challenged the conventions of what it meant to become a journalist. In my early days, I never imagined myself as someone of a creative writer, someone who could captivate or innovate the words of one person, and re-tell their tale in such a way that it grips and tugs at a readers heart. My journey and for me, my beginning as a journalist is in the here and now; strives are made, and stories told, but for me, being a journalist is now a part of what I am in both body and personality. As a budding journalist within this online accessable world and with a new contextual way of producing journalism, my conclusion of journliasm is that, for me it is like a stepping stone in a single river - You step on one story only to find a hundred others.

"You mess with the bull, you get the horns" - Phillip DeFranco

I see online media, especially for journalism, as the way forward and it isn't captured better then by anyone for me then the Youtuber, Phillip DeFranco. Phillip captivated me as a viewer not just through his commentary on both national and international news, with a variety of subject areas per video, but he also showed a focused and yet hilarious thought provoking concept and his own thought on the subject. Phillip, all in all captures most what I believe to be the consensus of modern day, online journalism and continues to be a conceptual form for myself as a journalist. This guy is hilarious, thought provoking, and engages with his audience. A lot of his videos, all in all, promote a comedic form of journalism, and that one should "Be awesome in comparison to mediocrity" and brings a flare of sensitivity and understanding backed by comedy which gives him an added bonus.

TYLER OAKLEY - "The Queen of Youtube"

A lot of people don't believe Tyler to be as much of journalist, but for me, that is a very big understatement. Journalism is, and always will evolve, and as someone who is trying to evolve with the times, I consider Tyler one of my main influences. His perception of sass, queenhood and equal treatment of everyone brings forward a lot more then is let on by this Youtube personality. While a lot of mainstream media are waking up to the online acceptance of Youtube celeb personalities, Tyler has in my view, won such acceptance through his ability to not only be fun and jolly but through his ability to love others for who they are and their own capabilities as human beings. Being a massive supporter of the Trevor Project, which helps teens of the LGBT community by dealing with suicide prevention, Tyler has captured both heart and soul of his audience, bringing forward support for the LGBT world wide community. It is because of his friendly and approchable nature that I do see him as much more of a personal journalist - Capturing his own experiences and journey as most people do through the use of "vlogging", to then present his story, his outakes and his advice from his own past to those who need it.

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